Windows have the basic function of releasing light and air into the building, but at the same time they are protecting users from adverse weather conditions and also shape the character of the building. A modern system of windows meets this challenge with excellent performance and a wide range of accessories.

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Not all uPVC windows are the same.

The differences in the design of the profiles have a decisive influence on the technical properties of the window. Windows made of the latest Gealan profile systems set new accents not only visually. Profile systems, meticulously designed down to the last detail, meet all technical requirements: Whether it is thermal insulation, noise protection, protection against burglary or ventilation – our windows are state-of-the-art.

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S9000 triple insulation system

The new combined S 9000 system of Gealan profiles incorporates the advantages of intermediate and external insulation systems. Installation depth of 82.5 mm, 6 internal chambers inside window casement and frame profiles, and 3 insulation spacers ensure better heat and noise insulation yet. The third central insulation spacer not only improves the heat and noise insulation properties of the window but also protects its hardware against outdoor humidity. S 9000 windows can be glazed with triple panes of up to 52 mm in thickness reaching up to 54 mm if the STV® glazing technology is used. The S 9000 system of profiles can be used with the innovative STV (glass pane gluing along the entire perimeter) and IKD (internal profile chamber filling with insulating foams) technologies. This further improves heat performance of windows. For this reason windows made with S 9000 system profiles comply with requirements towards energy-saving windows and can be installed in passive households.

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Some benefits of our modern PVC windows:


Windows made of uPVC profiles are low maintenance and easy to clean. Thanks to their high resistance to weathering and environmental influences, they have a long life.


Modern window technology can be realised with due regard for different tastes and architectures − not only in white but also in acrylcolor or with a decor or wood-grain laminate too.


The choice of the profile geometry, opening mechanism and window pane subdivision influences the individual character. Using our profile systems, unusual window shapes can be created, too.


Windows made of uPVC six chamber profiles ensure that noise stays outside and warmth inside. They provide security and comfort and exude an unmistakable living atmosphere.


Construction depth and enhanced material thickness along with additional barriers and secure screw fittings in the window frames and casements are convincing security arguments for our windows.

Thermal Insulation

Windows made of S9000 uPVC profiles help saving hard cash. The natural insulating properties of PVC alone ensure outstanding thermal insulation. These qualities are enhanced by the construction depth of up to 83 mm and the six chamber profile design. In this way, the heat stays inside and the cold outside. With Kajfa PVC windows you save a lot of money and considerably improve living comfort while making a significant contribution to environmental conservation at the same time.

Noise protection

Too much noise damages your health. Sleeping disturbances, loss of concentration and tension are only a few of the negative effects noise has on the human body. That‘s why noise protection and sound insulation have become an important health aspect. Windows made of S9000 profile system with multi-chamber technology provide effective protection against excessive noise. With the corresponding glazing, they have good sound insulation properties. In this way, windows made of this profile system considerably improve noise protection and sound insulation, thus enhancing your quality of life.

Kajfa Futura

Kajfa Futura

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Kajfa Komfort PVC windows

Kajfa Komfort PVC windows

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