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Set accents in your facade with coloured window profiles. Make your house as individual as its inhabitants, or turn any building into an eye-catcher.

With acrylcolor, GEALAN offers colourful window profiles with unique qualities. The special coextrusion fuses two high-quality materials together in an unbreakable bond. The white basis form is made of PVC, and the exterior is mantled in colourful acrylic. The resulting combination shares the advantages of both materials.

The white interior surface of the profile guarantees that the window will harmonise with ...


Coloured windows and doors have a special role to play when it comes to façade design. They enhance the visual appeal of buildings, and are one of the first things people notice. As part of the façade, windows, front doors and lift-slide doors are exposed to sunlight, weather and environmental influences and mechanical influences. When this happens, it quickly becomes apparent that not all coloured profiles are the same.

Numerous decor foils

For everyone who appreciates a natural appearance without sacrificing the benefits of modern window technology, ...


1. PVC windows are the Number One in energy efficiency

The frame of a window plays a decisive role in promoting energy and cost-efficient thermal insulation. Window profiles made of PVC score top marks when compared with aluminium or wooden windows. They have better insulation values and are able to reduce energy and heating costs. There is a particularly high energy saving potential when using PVC window frames in the passive house standard. Today, passive house windows can be manufactured efficiently and cost-effectively using state-of-the-art PVC profiles and ...


Fittings are an essential part of the window. It is necessary to ensure an optimal sealing, closure, ventilation and anti-burglary system.

At Kajfa PVC joinery, all our windows have exquisite fittings of major European German company Winkhaus, new Winkhaus activ Pilot fittings. Winkhaus is a family company, founded in 1854, and over the past 160 years has grown into a leading provider of high-quality window and door technology thanks to its extraordinary power of innovation.

Winkhaus activ Pilot fitting combines some innovative and practical solutions. Activ ...


The largest area of each window is glass, and therefore it is important to select an appropriate combination of insulated glass that meets the needs of the space.

Besides light transmission, an important feature of insulated (IZO) glass is thermal insulation, which can be achieved by using low-emissive (Low-E) glass and inert gases in between.

Glazing windows with low-emissivity glass should become the standard, because they can save 60-70% of heat that is lost through the glass.

Kajfa standard

Standard glazing on all of our windows is IZO 24 ...


PVC is a high quality material which because of its excellent thermal insulation properties and relatively low prices is unparalleled in the development of energy-efficient and cost-effective construction joinery. Kajfa PVC joinery and one of Europe's leading manufacturers of systems for windows and doors, German company Gealan present you a new profile system designed for low-energy and passive houses Kajfa S9000 STV.

The Kajfa S 9000 is characterized by very good insulating properties that enable big savings of thermal energy, as well as exceptional protection against noise. ...


Education and Development

The little flap with IQ

A controlled exchange between outside and inside air is a prerequisite for a pleasant room climate and greater living comfort. That is why the automatic ventilation system GECCO (GEALAN CLIMA CONTROL) is now available as an option for our windows. The little flap with IQ ...

More glass – more light. Fewer frames, clean design, timeless and stylish, best thermal insulation, innovative surfaces.

Square and Almost Invisible

The system’s dimensions are 100 mm for the sash combination as well as for the mullion. That way the mullion and lateral frame parts have the same sightline, which conveys symmetry and ...

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