In addition to the basic functions of privacy and protection from light, heat and UV radiation, the blinds are an important factor in shaping the aesthetic effect of any exterior or interior. We offer a wide selection of roller shutters, venetian blinds, exterior shutters with the possibility of installing a fly screens and additional management capabilities via electric motors with remote controls.
THE ROLLER SHUTTERS offer an external protection against a variety of external influences and unwanted views. They enable us to completely darken a room, while offering and excellent thermal and sound insulation as well. They protect from intruders (security rollers) and protect against the annoying insects in the room (with insect screen integrated in the box). You can choose from more affordable shutters with PVC slats/lamellas, or shutters with aluminium slats/lamellas, filled with polyurethane foam. Lamellas can be in many different colours. Roller shutter boxes can be plastic and they are installed on the windows during production so it's best to make a decision regarding roller shutters at the beginning, prior to production. But, should this decision be made later, there is the posssibility of external aluminium boxes. Further distinction is made between boxes without insulation and with insulation for more efficient accoustic and thermal insulation.

Depending on the box type you can choose roller shutters from:

Built-in roller shutters

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External mount-on visible

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External concealed

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EXTERIOR SHUTTERS are additional to carpentry that can be attached directly to the window or be fixed to a separate frame. In addition to superior protection from the sun, exterior shutters offer you much more: protection from wind and weather conditions, heat and cold, the unwanted views but also from burglary.

It can be produced with fixed or adjustable slats of PVC or aluminum profiles. Standardly, PVC shutters are manufactured with fixed or adjustable slats in white color, but in addition it is possible to select a color from a wide range of colors, decorative foils and wood decor. Aluminum shutters, with fixed or adjustable slats, as standard in white, brown and green.

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Throughout history shutters are an integral part of coastal areas and all of our shutters are resistant to sunlight, salt water and strong wind.

Shutters are basically divided into four opening models: turn, fold, accordion and sliding.

According to shading they are divided in: folding shutters with adjustable slats, with fixed slats, and closed or full shutters.

Regarding their purpose we distinguish interior and exterior blinds. VENETIAN BLINDS are suitable for installation in both commercial as well as residential buildings.

With a simple regulation of slats angle the internal blinds protect us from direct sunlight and unwanted views. At the same time the internal blinds also serve as a decorative element in the room.

In case you want additional thermal insulation, or better weather protection, we recommend to choose one of the external blinds. They are installed on the outside, which prevents a direct transmission of heat into the room. In combination with facade they also contribute to a modern and attractive aesthetic appearance of the building.

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