The front door is like a business card of your home and, therefore we offer solutions for every taste. You can choose between classical and design variants. Of course, you can customize the front door so it fits to the appearance of the entire house. Due to the large color variety of foil coatings and aluminium shells, you have the possibility to match the new entry door with the overall appearance of the façade.

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All our doors are measure-made, can be single or double, and are made of the most massive PVC profiles with galvanized iron reinforcements. They have a perfect seal system, and special profiles for doorsteps with excellent thermal properties. Also, they are equipped with anti-theft gasket with multiple closing. You can choose different methods of opening and looks, from basic models to doors with decorative panels and from classic to the wing overlapping variants.  

Each house has a front door, each door is the personality of the man or the people who live behind that door so express yourself and the warmth of your home by choosing doors from our wide assortment!

S9000 front door

Fully future-proof

With an installation depth of 82.5 mm and modern five-chamber technology, the new S 9000 front door offers outstanding heat insulation. Also impressive is the new front door's stability. This is accomplished by the large chamber for stiffening elements, shaped steel reinforcements and matching corner reinforcements as well as the firm bond in the area of the ground threshold produced by the vinyl and aluminium parts engaging on two planes.

The S 9000 front door also scores with its weatherboard system solution that upgrades the door elements both functionally and visually. It ensures maximum protection against driving rain and effective sealing by means of insulation profiles at a number of levels in the area of the ground threshold.

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  • Outstanding heat insulation thanks to modern five-chamber technology
  • Choice of colours
  • Effective protection against driving rain
  • Suitable for glass and panel thicknesses up to 52 mm (with STV® up to 54 mm)
  • Very good statics thanks to large chamber for stiffening elements and matching steel and corner reinforcements

Combined threshold with good heat insulation

The ground threshold for front door and French window elements can be flexibly used in all 83 mm systems for renovations and new builds.


A height of just 20 mm guarantees an easy transition from inside to outside, while also meeting the requirements for heat insulation and impermeability.




Even the classic front door model brings a personal touch to your home. This is because there are no constraints when it comes to shapes and colours. Design your front door according to your individual wishes.



The flat face of the door wing in the design version offers maximum aesthetics without compromising security or heat insulation. Not only does this offer greater design freedom, but the lack of bevels also makes your front door easier to clean.