We often dream how to step into the natural surrounding that inspires us in very different ways.

For those who seek for compatibility of needs, like aesthetics, convenience and recreational in nature, the best solution is winter gardens.

Properly designed winter gardens not only adapt to the environment perfectly, but also provide an opportunity to enjoy the nature for the whole year. Only a few centimeters glass, which separate the inside from the outside, creates a feeling of space and freedom.

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Winter gardens will raise the quality of life to a higher level by expanding living space and at the same time providing light and airy energy efficient space that protects you from external weather conditions.

Different shapes and sizes of winter gardens can be installed at the place that is required. It gives an opportunity to use your imagination while creating winter gardens. Kajfa PVC joinery manufactures winter gardens in accordance with space dimensions and client demands combining fixed elements, windows, balcony and sliding doors in such a way that there are limitless possibilities when it comes to the appearance and shape of the garden.

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