INSECT SCREENS for your comfort and protection

With the coming of warm days, people open their windows, terrace doors and balconies to allow fresh air to circulate around their rooms. Unfortunately, together with opening the windows, they let in flying insects, small rodents and dirt (airborne pollen, dust, leaves …). In order to ensure comfort and protection against external factors we offer a simple and functional solution – insect screens.

Insect screens protect your home from the invasion of insects and coarse dirt. In addition to being an effective and permanent solution, they are also the most acceptable from an environmental standpoint because they do not contain any chemicals like other products.

They allow  fresh air to enter the room, while guarding against the intrusion of annoying insects and bugs even when the window is fully open.

We offer different types of nets, made up of high quality materials that meet all the requirements of the market with its refined and elegant design.

Type of insect screens:

  • roll-up insect screens
  • fixed insect screens
  • integrated insect screens
  • sliding insect screens
  • pleated insect screens („plisse“ and pietta“)
  • door insect screens

Roll-up insect screen

Roll-up insect screen is one of the most useful protections against invasion of unwanted pests and insects into the room. They can be installed verticaly on window, as well as on balcony doors. Primarily this type of the insect screens are installed on the windows where the access to the external window sills is required (flowers).

Advantages of roll-up insect screens:

  • easy installation
  • Easy raising and lowering with the'' CLICK'' system
  • long lifespan
  • installation takes very little space
  • different profile colours (RAL colours available)

Fixed insect screens

Fixed insect screens are among the most cost-effective solutions for protection against invasion of annoying insects. They are suitable for mounting on those windows where the access to external window sills is not needed. The fixed insect screen is characterized by its long lifespan and an easy assembly and disassembly.

It is made of aluminium profile combined with an almost invisible laminated glass fibre mesh which is resistant to external weather conditions, and minimally reduces the air flow. The profiles are available in brown and white or colour, but for an extra charge they can be painted in a desired RAL colour hue.

Integrated insect screens

In case you not only want to shade the room, but you also need a complete protection against the insects, we offers a solution to this problem as well. Integrated insect screens are already built in different types of shades, and are apart from the mesh practically invisible. 


  • protection against insects and shading at the same time
  • integrated in roller shutter systems or under blinds
  • when not needed the insect screens can be easily rolled-up into the shutter box
  • insect screen is placed between the window and the shades, which protects it against a direct external
  • influence and prolongs its lifespan
  • easy raising and lowering with the '' CLICK'' system

Sliding insect screens

Sliding insect screens are suitable for large French windows or terrace doors and are are very easy to use. In addition to representing a functional solution in the fight against annoying pests, sliding insect screens are very practical because they take up very little space.

They are made of aluminium profiles, almost invisible laminated fibre glass mesh that is mounted on the profile with a rubber tube and of aluminum rails on which the sliding insect screen horizontaly moves.

The “plisse” mosquito net

This type of mosquito net is usually used for balcony doors. It is opened horizontally, and it can stay to be opened in any position. Technology “scorpion tail” allows free passage and makes floor cleaning easy. The net is pleated and does not damage by everyday use. As the plisse net isn’t based on the reverse mechanism, it is appropriate for use both to children and adults.

The “pieta” mosquito net

The pleated net has high quality and it does not break when exposed to the sun nor does it degrade from moisture. The threads of net are strengthened, so that the mosquito net is resistant to wind, and it doesn’t damage from everyday use. As the pieta net isn’t based on the reverse mechanism, it is appropriate for use both to children and adults. It can be left open in any position.

Door insect screen

Door insect screen is composed of more robust aluminium profiles, with dimensions 18x53 mm. An almost invisible laminated fibre glass mesh is mounted on the profile with a rubber tube.

They are fitted with a handle and catch magnets, which hold them in place when closed, and a brush gasket, which ensures a maximum seal to keep out insects and dust. Additionally, the screens are fitted with built-in self-closing system, which closes properly open insect screens and ensure comfort of their use.

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