Installation of window is as important as its production and is a basic condition for its flawless functionality and longevity. With improper and unprofessional installation, parameters that influence its functionality and insulating properties may be disrupted. Therefore, it is of crucial importance for the installation to be done by a trained professional and expert.
Today, alongside classic installation, at the request of the customers, RAL installation is even more present.

Guidelines for RAL joinery installation:

  • proper preparation of building openings that must be flat and dry
  • joinery is installed on the outside line of the wall, i.e., on the proper line of the isotherms it is necessary to ensure waterproofing from the outside, as well as water vapor permeability.
  • It is necessary to ensure that water (rain and other weather conditions) can’t penetrate inside the space between the wall and joinery, but at the same time allowing the minimum amount of vapor to easily excape outwards
  • it is necessary to ensure waterproofing and damp proofing of the room in the space between the joinery and the wall 

Numerated above we can achieved in two ways:

  • sealing tapes- special sealing tapes developed specifically for RAL mounting - tape is used to coat windows or other element (in particular the outer part of the profile facing the wall), and after installation it expands and thereby seals the space between the wall and the window. Such tapes have all the characteristics necessary for the RAL installation PUR foam and foil - the space between the wall and the element is carefully filled with

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  • PUR foam, and then on the outer edges of the windows we use a special glue to bond the window with waterproof and breathable film, waterproof and vapor-tight foil is being installed on the inner edges of the window. It is necessary to pay attention for the correct and accurate installation of foil and PUR foam.

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